Longhouse Replica at NYS Fair Indian Village

In 2009, The HETF and the Six Nations Agricultural Society teamed up to put forth a new longhouse replica in the Indian Village at the NY State Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY. Neil Patterson Jr. spear-headed the project with assistance from Tuscarora Environment summer interns. The longhouse was completed in 2011, and you can visit it every summer during the New York State Fair.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Days

The Tuscarora and Tonawanda Seneca communities hold annual household hazardous waste (HHW) collection days. The events are funded through U.S. EPA GAP grants and the events usually include electronic waste, and tire cleanups.

Haudenosaunee Declaration on Haudenosaunee Seeds

The HETF supports the Haudenosaunee Seedkeepers Society's discussion and development of the Haudenosaunee Declaration on Haudenosaunee Seeds. Their statement of seed protection will lay the foundation on a Confederacy-wide approach to our important seed and potential seed bank.

HETF Geographic Information System Clearinghouse

In 2001, Bryan Printup started the Haudenosaunee Data Exchange Clearinghouse (HDEC) as part of HETF's Geographic Information System (GIS) agenda. The clearinghouse tries to maintains GIS data for all HETF communities. In addition, the HDEC works with ArcGIS software and Trimble GPS units, which is made available to all HETF staff.

Haudenosaunee Environmental Youth Corps (HEYC)

The Tuscarora Environment Office staff began the Haudenosaunee Environmental Youth Corps in 2008 to help introduce Haudenosaunee youth from across the Confederacy to outdoor activity including hiking, fishing, kayaking, plant/tree indentification and more. Since then the HEYC has gone on more than 12 trips and they also supported the Tuscarora Migration Project in 2013.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Cultural sensitivity training helps us share our Haudenosaunee philosophies and outreach about our traditional ecological knowledge to outside governments, institutions, and environmental organizations. Our approach includes the guide "Polishing the Silver Convenant Chain: Building Relationships between Federal, State Agencies and the Haudenosaunee."

Tuscarora Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program

The Tuscarora Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program stems from their DRAFT Tuscarora Emergency Preparedness Plan. The CERT team started in 2010 as a volunteer-based team trained in responding to emergency situations or other community events at Tuscarora. Although the CERT team is currently not

Life on the River Curriculum

Life on the River curriculum teaches intermediate school students Haudenosaunee history, art, culture, and language through an ecological lens. The multi-perspective curriculum will be available to school districts by 2018 and will be assisted by the Living River website.  The curriculum is a result of the 2007 NYPA Niagara relicensing agreement.

2013 Tuscarora Migration Project

The Tuscarora Nation commemorated the 300th anniversary of their migration north from North Carolina to New York in 2013. To bring attention to climate change and the need for more human power movement, the Tuscarora Environment Office led the 2013 Tuscarora Migration Project. This 70-day event celebrates our indigenous survival by using "human-powered" movement to move across 6 states and over 1,300 miles on a path that includes running, hiking, biking and kayaking.