Haudenosaunee Environmental Restoration book

An Indigenous Strategy for Human Sustainability

This document, released in 1995, is intended to educate and inform people about the environmental challenges facing the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and its individual Nations.

It recounts the history and traditions of the Haudenosaunee in their own words, as delegated by Chiefs and Nations, speaks to the environmental hazards and horrors which they have witnessed and seeks to repair the injustice, not by accusation or insinuation, but through offering a strategy produced by their own hands which addresses the situation by extensive study and analysis.

FInally, it is the goal of the Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force to develop culturally relevent processes and guidelines to help the Nations of the Confederacy in finding solutions to their environmental probelms. It is not the intent of the HETF to try and serve as an enforcement agency. This is a "western" concept and is inconsistent with the culturally-based approaches that the HETF is promoting.

Title: Haudenosaunee Environmental Restoration: An Indigenous Strategy for Human Sustainability
By: Janice Whitney Annunziata under the direction of and including contributions by The Haduenosaunee Environmental Task Force and with the assistance of Uradyn Erden Bulag.
Published by: Indigenous Development International, Cambridge, England.
Paperback: ISBN 1 900164 00 0

Words That Come Before All Else
Environmental Philosophies of the Haudenosaunee
This book presents the environmental philosophies of the Haudenosaunee, as told by the members of the Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force. Each chapter opens with words of Thanksgiving for the part of Creation that will be discussed by the respective author. Many of the authors have included within their chapter practical examples of how they are using philosophies to guide them in today's world.

This timely book offers a different way to look at our relationship with the natural world, presenting an Indigenous and culturally-based approach to environmental problems.

Published by: Native North American Travelling College
Printed by: Cornwall CityPress
Paperback: ISBN 0-914838-008
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Haudenosaunee Runner:
Special Environmental Edition (Spring 2004)
The Haudenosaunee Runner was a short-lived newsletter produced under the authority of the Haudenosaunee and the Onondaga Nation, with the editorial office at the Tonawanda Seneca Tribal Office, Basom, NY.

The newsletter was to share news and information about what is going on among the Haudenosaunee - the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuscarora.

The Spring 2004 edition was dedicated to the environmental issues tackled by the HETF, under the direction of Joyce King.

And as to your own fireside, never consider only yourself, you must always remember them, the old people, the younger people, and the children, and those still in the earth, yet unborn, and always you will take into account everyone's well being, that of the ongoing families, so that they may continue to survive, your grandchildren.”
Quoting the Peacemaker, concerning the League, the Iroquois League Tradition as dictated in Onondaga by John Arthur Gibson.

HETF Position Papers

Keystone XL Pipeline


Haudenosaunee Position on Great Lakes
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In 2016 the HETF released a letter of support for the Stand Rock Sioux Tribe, South Dakota. The HETF stand in solidarity with their quest in protecting their lands.
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Recommended Reading Resources

The Sacred Pipe: Reflections on Native American Spirituality. Judy Bopp, Michael Bopp, Lee Brown and Phil Lane. Lotus Light Publications, Twin Lakes, WI.

Parker on the Iroquois. Iroquois Uses of Maize and Other Food Plants, The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca Prophet. The Constitution of the Five Nations. Arthur C. Parker Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, NY.

Sacred Song of the Hermit Thrush. Tehanetorens. The Book Publishing Company, Summertown, TN.

Traditional Teachings. Native North American Travelling College. Cornwall Island, ON.

The White Roots of Peace. Paul A. Wallace. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, PA.

Recommended Online Resources - Tuscarora Environment Office - Onondaga Nation Communications Office

www.epa/gov - U.S. EPA Region 2 Tribal programs - National Tribal Water Council - Life On the River curriculum using Haudenosaunee principles